New Beginnings

When I was a kid, I wrote constantly.  I was five when I wrote my very first “real story” on my grandmother’s electric typewriter.  A story I wrote the summer after ninth grade was published in a college literary magazine.  Small college, small magazine, but hey, published!  I look back at it now and shudder a bit at the angst and insanity in it, but I’d just been dumped by my first Real Boyfriend, so I think some of that can be excused.

As I got older, my writing slacked off.  Things like a husband, children, and a whole house for which I was responsible ate into my free time severely.  I still had ideas, and would tell myself stories as I washed the dishes or mowed the grass, but nothing ever actually got written.  Now that I’m in my 40’s (barely, mind you) I find the urge to write is becoming almost unbearable.  I’ve started a few things, but run into two big problems.  Either the plot sounds almost exactly like whatever book I just finished reading, or I have a great beginning and then get stuck with nowhere to go that doesn’t sound trite, cliched, or just utterly ridiculous.  Sigh.  I’m hoping that I’m just out of practice and haven’t completely lost my creativity to band fund raisers and Minecraft discussions.

I used to teach for a homeschool group, and both one of my fellow instructors and one of my former students have writing blogs.  They both write some beautiful stuff, and as soon as I figure out how to insert links, I’ll send you to them.  In the meantime, reading their blogs has just intensified my urge to get words down on paper… or screen, as the case may be.  Part of the reason for starting this blog is to make following them a bit easier.  Part of it is to force me to actually get some words down, though my first attempts probably won’t be exactly stellar.  Nonetheless, it’s a start.  So thank you to anyone who reads this.  Comments are welcome and encouraged, especially constructive criticism, so let me have it!  Now I’ll finish my breakfast, start a load of laundry, and steal a few minutes to compose a bit of something.  Until next time!


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