Must Be Genetic

Yesterday afternoon, my son, who is in fourth grade, came home with a writing assignment. He had to write a short story about something he’d done and then have the class guess what this thing was. He fussed and dragged his feet and whined that he’d much rather be playing Minecraft than writing a stupid story. I suggested he write about playing Minecraft. “You can do that?” he asked. I assured him it was quite possible, as I had once written a sonnet about how much I hated writing sonnets. He still didn’t have any ideas. I suggested he write about building one of his elaborate houses. He thought for a moment, then asked if he could write about fighting monsters. Sure, kid, anything to get you moving. He went to his room and pondered for about five minutes, then sat down to write. About three minutes in I hear, “Hey, this is fun!” So here’s my son’s first attempt at what I guess is a fanfic. I made a few spelling and punctuation corrections when I typed it for this, but the words are purely his. Hope you like it!


In the Mine

In the mine – dark, wet, and cold.  I had no torches to light the way.  I had some sticks, but I was on a quest.  I could not stop for coal.  I must go deeper to find the ultimate prize.  As I explored deeper, it got warmer.  Suddenly a tall black figure appeared behind a pile of rock.  I slowly drew my sword, then it disappeared!  There were light footsteps behind me.  I quickly spun around to slash it.  It fell to the ground clenching its pearl, its purple glowing eyes fading.  I took the pearl.  It was a valuable treasure but not valuable enough.  So I went deeper.  I heard bones rattling.  As I went deeper it got louder.  The passageway came to a little dome when an arrow whizzed by my head.  A skeleton with a bow was shooting at me!  I pulled out my bow and shot back.  I missed, so I hid behind a stalagmite and peeked out and shot it.  It was a small victory but the treasure was right ahead.  A lava pool blocked it and a zombie moaned right behind me!  I was startled and fell forwards, but quickly recovered and drew my trusty sword and sliced it to bits.  I pulled out the pearl, thinking, “It has to be a perfect throw.”  I threw the pearl and it landed right next to the jewel.  “DIAMONDS!” I yelled as I mined to count the five diamonds.  Right behind me I heard a hiss.  *hsssssssss*  My heartbeat slowed…  *BOOOM!!!!*



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2 responses to “Must Be Genetic

  1. What a excellent writer he is!!! 4th grade??? All I can say is WOW!!!!

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